I Dreamed Daddy Had Turned into a Cabbage

By Castel Volante

In my dream, I walk into the garden and see Daddy transformed into a big, green cabbage. There’s also a small, friendly worm poking his head out from between the leaves. He has the biggest, roundest glasses I’ve ever seen, and introduces himself as Bookworm Benny.

“Hi there!” he exclaims. “I see you’ve found your Cabbage Dad. Let’s have some fun together!”

We decide to have a little picnic right there in the garden. Cabbage Dad, Bookworm Benny, and I share delicious sandwiches made with lettuce leaves, while Benny reads us stories from his favorite book. We laugh at the funny parts, and I feel a warm, happy feeling in my heart.

Later, the sun begins to set, and Benny suggests we make up our own stories. We take turns, each creating a tale filled with adventure and silliness. Cabbage Dad’s story is about a brave knight who saves a kingdom of vegetables from a dragon, while Bookworm Benny tells us about a worm who teaches other bugs to read. I share a story about a little girl who goes on a magical journey with her Cabbage Dad and Bookworm Benny.

With each story, Cabbage Dad’s leaves growing brighter and more vibrant. I see the love in his deep green leaves, and I realize that the stories we share are like a special language between us. We sit together in the garden and the stars begin to twinkle above us.

“Thank you for such a wonderful dream,” I tell Cabbage Dad and Bookworm Benny. “I’ve never felt so close to Daddy before.”

Bookworm Benny smiles. “The best way to grow a strong connection is by spending time together and sharing stories,” he says.

I give Cabbage Dad a big hug. The garden seems to glow with the love we share. I feel so good after this special dream.

This is a story from The Small Dream Book

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