I Dreamed I Ate So Much Chocolate It Made My Dreams Even Sweeter

By Castel Volante

I dreamed I ate so much chocolate it made my dreams even sweeter because I find happiness in life’s little treats. In my dream, I float on a river of yummy chocolate, feeling cozy and warm. The smell of cocoa fills the air, tickling my nose. I giggle as the chocolate gently splashes around me.

As I drift along, I meet a kind, smiling figure. It’s the Chocolate Chip Fairy! She wears a dress made of chocolate buttons and her wings shimmer like shiny wrappers. She invites me to join her in a fun game of chocolate treasure hunt. Excited, I nod my head and my adventure begins.

In a world of sweets, the Chocolate Chip Fairy reigns, weaving whimsy one cocoa morsel at a time.

The Chocolate Chip Fairy leads me to a magical forest filled with trees made of candy bars. Their leaves are colorful sprinkles, and the ground is covered in a soft, marshmallowy carpet. We search high and low for sweet treasures, our laughter ringing through the forest.

I find a shiny golden wrapper hidden beneath a marshmallow mushroom. I unwrap it, revealing a scrumptious chocolate coin. The Chocolate Chip Fairy claps her hands in delight and gives me a warm hug. We celebrate by sharing the chocolate coin, its taste melting in our mouths like a dream come true.

As our adventure comes to an end, I feel happy and grateful for the pleasure of chocolate and the company of my new friend. The Chocolate Chip Fairy waves goodbye, and I float back along the chocolate river, my heart filled with sweetness.

This is a story from The Small Dream Book

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