I Dreamed I Built a Huge and Spectacular Sandcastle

By Castel Volante

In the Land of Sandy Shores, I dreamed I built a marvelous sandcastle, as grand as the moon in the sky. My hands dance with delight, shaping the silky sand into the castle of my dreams. A warm breeze whispers, carrying the scent of salt and seaweed.

I pat the final turret into place when a tiny, friendly crab named Crusty scuttles up to me. He wiggles his antennae, his eyes twinkle like stars, and he says, “Your castle is as splendid as a rainbow after a gentle rain.”

My heart swells with joy, like a balloon taking flight, and I thank Crusty for his kind words. Together, we explore the enchanting sandcastle. We slide down spiral staircases like slippery eels, and laugh as we go.

In the heart of the castle, we find a room filled with shimmering treasures. I notice a book with a cover as soft as a butterfly’s wing. I open the book and discover it tells the story of my life. Each page sparkles with memories of happiness, love, and friendship. Crusty and I share our favorite moments, making the stories come alive as we talk.

Later, we leave the treasure room, and we meet a wise old turtle named Tilly. She smiles gently and says, “Your sandcastle is like a dream come true, a place where your deepest wishes and hopes can grow.”

I nod and think about how my sandcastle is like the life I want to create, strong and beautiful. With each tower and wall, I am shaping my own future, full of love and laughter.

As the sun sets, the sky blushes like a rose. Crusty, Tilly, and I sit on the warm sand, basking in the glow of the day. Together, we watch the waves dance and sing a lullaby to the shore. The sandcastle stands tall, like my dreams and aspirations.

The world around us hums in harmony, as gentle as a mom’s lullaby. The soft rhythm of the ocean’s waves and the sweet song of seagulls in the distance soothe us, preparing us for a peaceful night’s sleep.

This is a story from The Small Dream Book

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