I Dreamed I Caught Stars in a Net

By Castel Volante

In my dream, I have a magical net that catches stars. I want to fill my room with light, and the sky is twinkling like a big, black blanket covered in shiny buttons. I hold my net high and swing it around. It’s as wide as the biggest hug I can give!

I catch my first star, and it’s a giggly one. It sounds like the laughter of my friends on the playground. I place it gently in my room, and it shines like a happy smile. I catch another star, a small and shy one. It whispers softly, like the rustling leaves of a tree. It glows gently in the corner, like the warmth of a hug from mom.

I catch many more stars, each with its own unique personality. Some sparkle like dancing fireflies on a summer night, while others shimmer like the sun’s rays bouncing off the water. My room fills with light, each star shining together in harmony.

Soon, my room looks like a beautiful painting, a masterpiece of soft, glowing colors. I feel safe and cozy, surrounded by the light of the stars I’ve caught. My heart feels light and happy, just like the stars themselves. The stars sing me a lullaby, a soothing melody that floats through the air like a gentle breeze.

With the stars lighting my room, I drift off to sleep, feeling warm, loved, and protected. I know that in my dreams, I can catch all the stars I want, and they’ll always be there to light my way.

This is a story from The Small Dream Book

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