I Dreamed I Cooked a Pizza as Big as the Moon

By Castel Volante

Once upon a dream, I’m standing in the most magnificent kitchen I’ve ever seen. The walls are painted with the colors of a rainbow, and the countertops sparkle like a sky full of stars. In the middle of the kitchen, there’s a gigantic pizza, as big as the moon, waiting to be cooked.

“Hello there!” I hear a voice, and I turn around to see a friendly fellow named Chef Whiskers. He’s a cat with a chef’s hat and a twirly mustache that curls up at the ends. “Would you like to help me cook this enormous pizza?” he asks.

“Of course!” I reply, and together we start adding toppings to the moon-sized pizza. We sprinkle kindness like cheese, spread love like tomato sauce, and add laughter like pepperoni slices. As we work, the kitchen fills with a delightful aroma, like warm hugs on a cold day.

Then, with a wave of Chef Whiskers’ whisk, the pizza begins to rise into the air. It floats higher and higher until it reaches the sky, settling right next to the real moon. The giant pizza glows softly, like a friendly night light for everyone down on Earth.

“Look!” I exclaim, pointing at the pizza in the sky. “It’s like we’re giving the whole world a big, tasty hug!”

“That’s right!” Chef Whiskers purrs. “By cooking this pizza, we’re sharing happiness, love, and kindness with everyone. You see, dreams can help us understand our deepest wishes and desires.”

We sit on a fluffy cloud and watch as the pizza moon shines down on the world, spreading joy and warmth to all. The twinkling stars dance around us, and the gentle breeze whispers a soothing lullaby. As I start to drift off to sleep, I know I’ll always remember this dream, where I cooked a pizza as big as the moon.

This is a story from The Small Dream Book

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