I Dreamed I Drove a Bathtub to School

By Castel Volante

One cozy night, I have a magical dream where I drive a bathtub to school! In this enchanting dream, I float along a shimmering river of soapy bubbles, feeling as light as a feather. My bathtub boat, Bubbles, and I glide gracefully like swans on a peaceful pond.

As we journey, we meet a delightful dolphin named Dolly Dimple. Dolly’s friendly smile sparkles like a thousand suns, and she joins us on our adventure. Dolly Dimple dives and dances around Bubbles, showing us the way to school.

Floating along, we see fish friends flitting and fluttering in the waves, as colorful as a rainbow after a gentle rain. Bubbles, Dolly Dimple, and I laugh and play, feeling as happy as a clam at high tide.

As we reach the school, our classmates gather and cheer, their eyes wide with wonder. They’re excited to see Bubbles and Dolly Dimple, just like they’re overjoyed when I share my favorite toys at recess. Together, we create a world filled with friendship and fun, as warm and welcoming as a mother’s hug.

Soon, it’s time to say goodbye to our new friends. Dolly Dimple gives us a tender farewell, and with a flip of her tail, she splashes away like a playful puppy in a puddle. Bubbles and I sail back home, leaving a trail of sparkles and laughter behind us.

As I wake from my dream, I feel cozy and content, ready to start a new day filled with kindness and adventure. I know I can face any challenge with a heart as light and bubbly as my dream.

This is a story from The Small Dream Book

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