I Dreamed I Helped a Cloud Find Its Way Back Home

By Castel Volante

Once upon a dream, I meet a little cloud named Cozy Cuddles. Cozy Cuddles is a soft, puffy cloud with a friendly smile. “Hello there!” says Cozy Cuddles, floating gently beside me. “I seem to have lost my way. Can you help me find my home?”

“Of course!” I say, and we start our journey together. We glide through the sky, exploring its many wonders.

First, we pass the rosy dawn, where cotton-candy clouds paint the sky in shades of pink and orange. “Do any of these clouds look like your family, Cozy Cuddles?” I ask.

Cozy Cuddles shakes his fluffy head. “No, not quite. Let’s keep looking.”

Next, we soar through the bright midday, where billowy clouds cast playful shadows on the ground below. “How about these clouds, Cozy Cuddles? Do they remind you of home?”

Cozy Cuddles ponders for a moment. “They’re lovely, but they’re not my family.”

We then float towards the warm sunset, where wispy clouds stretch across the horizon like delicate ribbons. “Cozy Cuddles, could this be where you belong?”

Cozy Cuddles smiles softly. “Almost, but not quite. Let’s keep searching.”

Finally, we reach the calm night, where the sky is sprinkled with twinkling stars. We find ourselves nestled in the curve of the glowing moon. “Cozy Cuddles, is this your home?”

Cozy Cuddles beams with joy. “Yes, this is it! Thank you for helping me find my way back home.”

We share a tender hug, and I can feel Cozy Cuddles’ warmth and gratitude. “Goodbye, dear friend,” he whispers. “Sleep well, and may you always find your way back home, too.”

As I drift back to my cozy bed, I think of our adventure together. I remember the beautiful colors of the dawn, the playful shadows at midday, the delicate ribbons of the sunset, and the twinkling stars of the night. Most of all, I remember Cozy Cuddles and the love we shared on our journey. I close my eyes and drift off to sleep, filled with the warmth of friendship and the promise of sweet dreams.

This is a story from The Small Dream Book

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