I Dreamed I Hugged a Tree, and It Hugged Me Back

By Castel Volante

Once upon a time, in a dream, I find myself in a magical forest. I hear birds singing sweet songs, and the smell of blooming flowers fills the air. I walk slowly, feeling the soft grass tickle my toes, and I see a friendly-looking tree.

I walk up to the tree and give it a big hug. To my surprise, the tree hugs me back, wrapping its branches around me like a cozy blanket. We share a moment of peace and warmth, and I feel safe and protected in the tree’s embrace.

“Hello, little one,” the tree says with a gentle smile, “I’m so happy you came to visit me.”

“Hello, tree!” I reply. “I’m glad I found you. You’re very huggable!”

The tree chuckles softly, its leaves rustling like a whispered lullaby. “Thank you,” it says. “I love hugs, too. They make me feel loved and needed.”

As we continue hugging, the tree tells me a story. The story is about a tiny seed that grows into a strong, beautiful tree, just like my new friend the tree. The tree’s words flow like a calming river, and I feel my eyes grow heavy.

“Your story is wonderful,” I tell the tree sleepily. “I wish I could stay here forever.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” the tree says. “But you must go back to your world soon. Just remember, I’m always here in your dreams, waiting for another hug.”

We share one last tight hug, and I feel the tree’s love and protection surrounding me like a warm, soft cloud. “Goodbye, tree,” I whisper, as tears of happiness trickle down my cheeks. “I’ll miss you.”

“Goodbye, little one,” the tree whispers back. “Sleep well, and remember our hug.”

I close my eyes, still feeling the tree’s loving embrace. As I drift off to sleep, the forest fades away, but the memory of the tree stays with me. I dream of the magical forest, the friendly tree, and the comforting hugs we shared.

This is a story from The Small Dream Book

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