I Dreamed I Painted the Sky with a Giant Brush

By Castel Volante

One night, in my dream, I find a giant brush, just like a painter uses, but bigger than me! I think, “I want to paint the sky today.” I dip the giant brush into the soft, fluffy clouds, and they turn into bright, shiny colors.

First, I paint the sky with warm yellow, like the sun hugging me in a cozy blanket. Then, I add orange, as sweet and tangy as a ripe orange I share with my friends. I swirl the brush, mixing the yellow and orange together, and the sky looks like a beautiful sunrise.

Next, I paint the sky with bright blue, as refreshing as a splash in the cool pool on a hot summer day. I blend the blue with the yellow, and the sky turns green, just like the leaves on the trees when they whisper secrets in the wind.

Now, I want to add some fun! I paint the sky with pink, like the soft petals of a blooming flower in a joyful garden. I mix the pink and the blue, and purple appears, as royal as a king’s velvet cape.

But I feel something is missing. I look down at the ground, and I see my family smiling up at me, waving their hands. I want to share this moment with them, so I paint the sky with red, like the love that fills my heart when I’m with them.

With all the colors dancing and swirling in the sky, I feel happy, peaceful, and loved. I know this dream is a special place where I can create anything I want, and it makes me feel safe and warm inside.

As I finish painting, the colors gently blend together, creating a soft, glowing rainbow that stretches from one end of the sky to the other. I know that this rainbow is my gift to the world, a symbol of love, hope, and happiness.

This is a story from The Small Dream Book

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