I Dreamed I Was a Tiny Elephant

By Castel Volante

I dreamed I was a tiny elephant, and I feel happy and curious as I explore a magical forest filled with wonder. I’m so small I can walk through the tall grass, as if I were wading through a sea of green. The sun warms my back and the breeze carries the sweet scent of flowers.

As I venture further, I meet a wise old owl named Oliver perched on a branch. His feathers shimmer with wisdom and kindness. “Hello, little elephant,” he hoots softly. “What brings you to our enchanted forest?”

“I’m not sure,” I admit, “but I’m excited to discover what’s in store for me.”

Oliver smiles and, with a flap of his wings, he guides me through the forest, where I meet more amazing creatures. A graceful deer named Daisy prances alongside me, her dainty hooves tapping a merry rhythm. She is like a sister I’ve always wished for.

Next, I come across a gentle river, where a family of fish named Finn, Fiona, and Faye swim gracefully in the clear, sparkling water. They remind me of the importance of spending time with loved ones and sharing life’s joys together.

I continue, and I find a cozy burrow under a tree, home to Benny, a wise and patient tortoise. He shares his stories of the forest, each tale more enchanting than the last. Benny’s burrow feels like the safest place in the world, and I know I can always return here when I need a comforting hug.

With every new friend, my tiny elephant heart swells with love and happiness. This magical forest is like my own real world, full of endless possibilities and the love of family and friends. I’ll return to this enchanting place whenever I close my eyes and dream.

This is a story from The Small Dream Book

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