I Dreamed My Cat Became the President

By Castel Volante

I dreamed my cat became the president because I believe even the smallest creatures can achieve great things. In my dream, Whiskers, my fluffy cat, lives in a big, white house. She wears a tiny suit, and her tail swishes proudly as she struts around.

One day, Whiskers invites all the animals for a grand party. Chirpy birds sing the national anthem, and squirrels play drums using acorns. The animals dance, hop, and wiggle together, sharing laughter and fun. Whiskers tells jokes, and the whole room roars with giggles.

Whiskers, as president, decides to make the world a better place for animals. She plants trees for birds to nest in, digs tunnels for rabbits to hide in, and creates huge parks for dogs to run and play. Every creature feels happy and safe in Whiskers’ world.

People admire President Whiskers and learn from her kindness. They help take care of the animals, making sure they always have food, water, and love. The world becomes a magical place where humans and animals live together in harmony.

My little cat can make a big difference in the world with kindness and dreams. And if Whiskers can do it, so can I.

This is a story from The Small Dream Book

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