I Had a Dream but I Can’t Tell It

By Castel Volante

Once upon a time, I had a dream but I can’t tell it. In this magical dream, I find myself in a lovely land filled with colorful flowers, tall trees, and fluffy clouds. The sun shines warmly, and the soft breeze carries the scent of blossoms. I know I am dreaming, but it feels so real.

As I wander around, I meet a friendly creature named Cuddly Caden. Cuddly Caden is a gentle giant with soft fur and bright eyes. He has big, floppy ears that twitch when he’s happy, and he’s always smiling. When Cuddly Caden laughs, it sounds like a babbling brook that fills the air with joy.

Together, we explore this wonderful world. We climb up high hills like they are mountains of achievements, feeling proud of ourselves. We skip over sparkling streams, each one like a happy memory flowing through our minds. We stroll through the fields of flowers, where each petal is like a new idea that makes us feel excited and inspired.

Cuddly Caden teaches me a game called “Wishful Whispers.” We close our eyes and whisper our deepest wishes into the wind, then listen as the wind carries them away, promising to help make them come true. My wish is like a butterfly soaring into the sky, hopeful and free.

As the day turns into night, the sky becomes a canvas of twinkling stars, each one a gentle reminder of our dreams and aspirations. Cuddly Caden and I lay down on the soft grass, our heads resting on pillows of clouds, feeling safe and content.

Soon, we’re wrapped in a blanket of moonlight, and our eyelids grow heavy. Just before we drift off to sleep, Cuddly Caden whispers, “Remember, this dream is a gift, a secret treasure you can visit whenever you need comfort or a place to explore your heart’s desires.”

And with that, we close our eyes and let the peacefulness of the dream world embrace us, knowing that we’ll always have this special place to return to whenever we need it.

This is a story from The Small Dream Book

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