The Life and Death of Jenny Wren

Doctor Hawk felt her pulse;
Then, shaking his head,
He says, I can’t save her,
Because she’s quite dead.

Doctor Hawk pinching Jenny's wrist

Old Doctor Hawk’s
A clever fellow:
He pinched her wrist
Enough to kill her.

O, she’ll do very well yet,
Then said Doctor Fox,
If she takes but one pill
From out of this box.

Doctor Fox bringing the box of pills

Oh! Doctor Fox,
You are very cunning;
If that she is dead,
You will not get one in.

Next with hartshorn in hand
Came Doctor Tom Tit,
Saying, really good Sirs,
It is only a fit.

Doctor Tom Tit examining Jenny

You are right, Doctor Tit,
You need make no doubt on;
But death is a fit
Folks seldom get out on.

Doctor Cat says, Indeed,
I don’t think she is dead;
But believe, if I try,
She yet might be bled.

Doctor Cat

You need not a lancet,
Miss Pussy, indeed,
Your claws are enough
Poor Jenny to bleed.

Doctor Jack Ass then said,
See this Balsam, I make it;
She yet may survive,
If you get her to take it.

Doctor Ass

What you say, Doctor Ass,
Perhaps may be true:
I never saw the Dead drink,
Pray, Doctor, did you?

From The life & death of Jenny Wren, London: D. Carvalho, 1833.

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